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Mar 27, 2024

I will forever be grateful to my sister-in-law, Sandra, who came over every Tuesday without fail to cook dinner and watch our children so I could attend an evening metalsmithing course at our local museum. This opportunity allowed me to not only have some time to myself as my husband was working long hours, but she gave me the gift of being able to follow my dreams of becoming an artist. And a couple years later, it  was this gift that helped me through my grief and anxiety over her sudden death. 

My craft has blessed me in so many ways and I'm so grateful for the wonderful jewelry artists I have come to know. This craft and these relationship continues to ground and calm me, and when I have felt deep sadness and uncertainty it has held me.

My conversation with Cara Wolff was one that brought me right back to my heart and the gratitude I have for my sister-in-law and for this craft. 

Cara began making jewelry full-time in 2018, after the tragedy of losing her sister to cancer and her mother’s new cancer diagnosis shifted the lens through which she saw her life and purpose. She left her 20-year career as a Wildlife Biologist and transformed her pain into healing when she opened her small storefront and studio in southern Vermont. Though she came to her career as a jewelry maker later in life, Cara had been fascinated with jewelry and gemstones since she was a child and has made jewelry as a hobby since her high school years. Cara creates unique and sacred adornment from the Earth's finest gifts – all her jewelry is hand fabricated in silver and gold and often features show-stopping gemstones and reclaimed materials. She is inspired every day by the beauty of the natural world and the enduring spirit of her beloved sister, Melinda.

Instagram: @carawolffjewelry  


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