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Apr 3, 2024

These days it feels like so many of us are trying to find new and meaningful ways to connect with our customers. One of the themes that continues to play out during my conversations with other makers is their frustration with Instagram and what to do next. 

Today I’m sitting down with Nicole Conklin and talking about her business, Arrok Jewelry. Nicole shares so many good things and during this interview she talks about how we need to understand that Pinterest is like a Google search engine that we can use to our advantage. By entering key words and phrases into your titles and descriptions it can literally drive traffic to your website or instagram. 

Nicole also shares her journey with building Arrok Jewelry to the business it is today and how fine tuning your artistic voice and overall look and feel of your business can take your business to the next level.


Arrok Jewelry is owned and operated by Nicole Conklin.
Established in 2010, Nicole started her jewelry career after attending The Gemological Institute of America. Once she graduated from GIA she opened Arrok Jewelry and hasn't looked back!

Nicole enjoys working with her hands, turning precious and semi precious metals into magical handmade works of art.

Her main medium is Sterling Silver, but she also works with copper and brass as accent metals. Nicole's jewelry is bold and powerful, while also remaining subtly feminine. She creates jewelry that evokes emotion and makes the wearer feel empowered and beautiful.

Life, Death and Rebirth influence much of Nicole’s work, and is a theme often found in her jewelry. Using traditional tattoo flash aesthetic, bold lines and unique stones to help her weave intricate stories in metal, Nicole's designs intertwine juxtaposed imagery, often pairing the macabre with the ultra feminine to highlight the dark/light duality within each of us.


Instagram: @arrokjewelry

Pinterest: @arrokjewelry

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